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Core texts and reading links for children.

Core texts and reading links for children.

The core texts are chosen carefully by the staff for their class. They are age-appropriate and are used to inspire, amaze and enjoy. The texts are used as a focal point for planning and are often linked to topics and themes. Teachers use the texts to encourage children to write, draw, design and make. Adults in all classes read to the children daily and sometimes these texts are used. On other occasions, teachers may choose another exciting age-appropriate book to read and share with the children every day. Repeated reads are used in EYFS, Year 1 and Autumn term for Year 2, to develop a knowledge of stories and story vocabulary.

Looking for book recommendations for children who have been hooked in by a particular series or author and are ready to branch out? Use these posters to find and locate new books, authors and book types.

Branching Out

50 recommended reads for each year group