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Please explore the sections below to learn more about Science at Stanley Grove Primary and Nursery Academy.

Science Displays

Science displays throughout school have key vocabulary, show children’s cross-curricular work, have ‘Maths Eye’ questions and interactive display tables. Have a look at some examples of Science displays across school.

Exciting Science lessons

At Stanley Grove Academy we provide a well-planned Science curriculum rooted in practical investigations which enables pupils to be curious, explore and propose explanations to questions about the world around us. We aim for all pupils to know and be able to apply the qualities of a good Scientist. Here are some photographs of children working scientifically across school.

In the photographs, you will see examples of children predicting, observing carefully, looking for patterns, asking questions, identifying, grouping, classifying, researching, planning, taking accurate measurements, carrying out comparative and fair tests and gathering and recording data (using appropriate scientific knowledge and vocabulary).  You will also see children exploring outdoor science and enjoying a range of science trips.

Outdoor Science learning

In Science lessons, we often explore and ask questions about our natural world. Here are photographs showing just some of our outdoor Science lessons. You will see examples of children observing and showing care and concern for living things and their habitats as well as children going on nature walks, visiting Stanley Nature Reserve, planting, growing and tending to our allotment areas and exploring the effects of things such as weather, light and shadows, air resistance and making water cycles.

In addition, Y4 take part in the Junior Forester’s Award and Y5 take part in Nature’s Climate Heroes.

STEM ambassador visits to school

In order to promote a love of Science and to raise the profile of Science in school we study both male and female inspirational Scientists from history and have regular opportunities to work alongside real life modern day Scientists including STEM ambassadors. Here are some photographs of STEM ambassadors working with our children. We have a range of STEM ambassadors every year (both in person and online) who help us learn about ‘earth and space,’ ‘evolution,’ ‘rocks and fossils,’ ‘everyday materials,’ ‘human body’ and ‘lifecycles / changes.’ Doctors from the Mid-Yorkshire Hospital Trust visit various classes throughout the year to deliver sessions on muscular / skeletal systems, digestive systems, heart / circulatory system as well as healthy lifestyles. We also work with Yorkshire Water and take part in the LEAF programme (achieving Bronze award in 2024). We take part in virtual farm tours as well as farm visits with LEAF.

Every class (including EYFS) has a minimum of one STEM visitor per year. Several classes also have trips and visits linked to Science e.g. Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Stanley Marsh Nature Reserve, The Deep, Scarborough.

Examples of children’s Science work

See below for examples of children’s Science work across school. This includes investigations (using planning investigation sheets which are differentiated by year group to allow for progression) as well as examples of independent research and evidence of Maths being taught through Science. Key Scientific vocabulary is evident throughout.